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COP 26 summit
Global Warming

After a first week full of World Leaders’ speeches, huge protests and new international initiatives, week two of COP26 has been equally frantic and all eyes have remained firmly fixed on Glasgow.

There have been new international commitments, declarations and initiatives on issues ranging from cleantech to human rights, low-carbon cities to hydrogen. There have been speeches from youth activists, world leaders past and present, and the gentleman dressed as Darth Vader who has been offering songs, dancing and educational talks to people on their way to the Blue Zone.

And, all the while, negotiations have come ever closer to the wire. It is apparent at this stage that they will go into Saturday afternoon at least. 

Whether you are waiting for the final communique here in Glasgow, or from the comfort of your own home or office, grab a tea or coffee and catch up with our coverage of 10 of the biggest announcements from COP26...... read more 

COP26: Performer dressed as Darth Vader and singing 80s songs with climate lyrics is a surprise summit hit


Jamen Shively sings Simple Minds and Depeche Mode classics as he promotes the idea of cloud brightening to cool the Earth

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   "all we ever do is create and all we ever create is memory"

Ace Cruz Hollywood director's World Peace Movie

above video https://www.gaia.com
with Neale D Walsch

Organizing an Economic Transition

The world needs change. The rich and powerful rule the world while many remain poor and without. The world can be a very unfair place. Many people are very poor and have no way out. What if that could change? How could it change?

    True I may be looking to a future a bit beyond the revolution that Russell Brand is hoping for, but to truly have freedom really everyone needs true and complete freedom. Though I can only see everyone understanding it through a rather strange vision I have, it may take some time to create it perfectly, but I definitely believe it could be possible even if a little unnecessary. First we need  robots doing all the work, and robots that can build and maintain these robots and themselves, without needing human assistance. The robots would be doing all the work, something that gets closer every day, putting people out of jobs. If all humans are paid an equal and fair wage, as there is no work left for anyone a payment sometimes referred to as Universal Basic Income. Everyone having access to a virtual reality device ..(or better still lucid dreams   ...   see my own lucid dream here. --------- OR see some books on lucid dreaming.  

Perhaps we are already in a VR Matrix now? See the quantum double split experiment to the right. Maybe we are already doing this Elon Musk thinks this might be a simulation now.

I had lucid dreams, because I had to develop the ability very young, to conquer nightmares caused by watching  Dr Who  before bed, but if this VR of the future could be more like in the movie the Matrix, a computer-controlled dream world like Neo's experience in the Matrix and of course if everyone would have to be fully lucid, in such VR  

And people could do...... anything they choose to do. Total freedom.
     People could still make extra money on top of this Universal Basic Income, by actually working to buy extra stuff but enough for all the basic necessities. I’m sure some would want to do so, but with all the jobs being taken over one by one by the robots in this world, already something needs to happen. Slowly but surely robots are already taking over unmanned Tesco supermarket tills, call centers with robot answering systems etc, etc.. It will end up no-one has a job, if we keep going this way, and no one will have any money to buy all the junk that the robots are building. Robots can already perform operations better than surgeons with more precision and accuracy.
  At the moment the elite get ALL the extra cash that mass production makes using robots, as it cuts out more and more employees, making them unemployed. But that is unsustainable. They need someone to have money to go shopping don't they. Or there is nobody to buy all their junk.
    In such a future the entertainment industry would be the most important one, and possibly the only one left. As we all have no work and seek out entertainment, entertaining each other will be the last job on earth. 

  At the moment robots are taking over all the jobs very fast. They already are used in many production lines. (click here to see some stuff robots can do) But instead of the people who used to do those jobs getting paid and having freedom, (as has been promised us for years now  or here ) well instead they go unemployed and big business makes more money for its own pockets. It cant keep going that way. We keep hearing of the freedom we can find from more technology buy a dishwasher and a washing machine and you get free time, but people end up stuck in jobs they hate paying to get this FREE time. Its like Bill Hicks used to say.... 

Not all charities can be trusted with some of
their bosses making £50,000 a year but some
charities you just have to love
like MAKE A WISH ....upon a star

Also a very good charity which up until recently did not accept donations from the public because rich people ran it
Global Village Champions website

 More info on Global Village GO HERE

The Stars really are making a difference. The rich and famous are helping us to be entertained, the most likely only job in the future, to be an entertainer. And here in Scotland where our motto is TOURISM NOT TERRORISM the stars are helping to bring in many more tourists see article
in the daily record.. Tourism no more borders or boundaries

Film stars the new Zodiac 

Other people who work hard who are also rich
but help those in need like
Varun Pruthis Facebook page

    I'd have to agree with Russell Brands concept of a peaceful non violent revolution. But how would that manifest itself? 
 Russell Brands Trews watch Trews at the very
bottom of this page OR go here for his Trews
    Russell Brand asked his viewers to create their own Trews channels so we did
 DailyPLANIT Trews

or you can just
click here for a laugh

"if god doesn't exist.... might we in the future build the matrix as good as the movie the Matrix with lucid god powers for all in their own virtual dreamlike reality world as real as this one? Where web pages of potential social media have a godlike AI in charge of the systems that connect us like Facebook does now allowing us to join communities of people who are like minded... But there it would be a web page like a real room a computer
generated world as real as this one.

Genetic engineering on our telemeres the gene which is responsible for death, could be altered as has already been done on some animals, and allow people to live forever or as long as they choose,  with death only as a personal choice of, if or when. How would that be different from the religions dream of heaven on earth? With all our needs met in the real world by robots we could live always inside our own matrix dream world in, invincible god mode with magical powers, and all our needs met, no money required as the copy and paste feature lets us create anything we want, and the only currency... needed is friendship, likes and fans, as all we have left to do is entertain and be entertained by each other?"

Who would you prefer Trump or this AI as president of USA?

The future of robots taking over .